Do you want to know more about the benefits a payroll service can provide? Listed here are the best services for you to review.

Pink Payroll provides the most complete selection in the industry of payroll solutions for your business. From timekeeping, to paycheck delivery, direct deposit and electronic reporting, Pink Payroll makes it easy to get your payroll done and organize and access your data.

We have several programs to improve cash flow and lower your business risk. Employment related expenses and employment law issues are important factors in your business. Take advantage of the experience backing our company. Don't leave your business exposed to high risk employment issues. Ask us which of these solutions might best apply to you.

Hours Reporting Options

We offer several easy ways to report your employee hours:

Online Input, with a username and password

• Call in hours

• Email hours

• Fax hours

Paycheck Options

You and your employees have multiple options for receiving their paychecks:

Our Green Solution is Direct Deposit to 1 or more bank accounts.

Our PayCards for non-checking account employees are also a Green Solution.

Printed paychecks may be delivered to your office by Courier or US Mail.

Or, you may Print paychecks at your office, sign and distribute to employees

Report Delivery and Storage

We suggest you use our Green Solution and have your reports delivered electronically by email each payroll. We can also mail our courier your reports.

Our online system gives you and your employees the flexibility for individual log-ins. That way when you need history, it's available.

Payroll Taxes

We calculate and pay your payroll taxes. We remove the complexity and frustration with keeping up-to-date with constantly changing forms and rules. We remove the responsibility from you and your staff of handling high risk payroll tax calculations. Our Payroll Tax service takes care of:

IRS 940 Forms 
IRS 941 Forms
Federal Withholding (FIT)
State Withholding (SIT)

Social Security
Employer Contribution
Employee Contribution

State Taxes - Other
Garnishment Payments
Filing deadlines
W-2 and 1099 Reporting

Here is a List of Payroll Services

Print Paychecks

Direct Deposit of Paychecks

Track and Pay Taxes

IRS Taxes

State Taxes

Payroll Tax Deposits, Filing

Employee Deductions – Health, 401Ks and more

General Ledger Export to Quickbooks or Data File

Third Party Payments, such as garnishments

Worker's Comp Payments – Pay-As-You-Go

OnLine 401K

TimeKeeping Devices: On-Line, TimeClocks, FingerPrint, Phone

OnLine TimeCard Management - Edit or Complete Employee TimeSheets

OnLine Payroll Submission

Payroll Compliance Posters

Employee Manual in Digital (editable) Format

HR Support - On Line and by Telephone


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