How do we switch to Pink Payroll if another company is handling our payroll?

We request the most recent payroll report from you, along with employee and company information. We enter the historical data for the year in our system, and we are ready to start your company payrolls. We will have you cancel the previous payroll service, and ask that all taxes collected be paid to the appropriate agency immediately, or be refunded to your company.

Can we start using the Pink Payroll Service anytime of the year?

We can accept a payroll conversion any time of the year.

How long will it take to convert to the Pink Payroll Services?

We can set you up before your next pay period. Usually we like about ten days to collect, verify and enter the data.

Who will I work with at Pink Payroll?

You will have a dedicated payroll manager who will understand your business. This person will be at our San Diego, California Payroll Service office. They will be involved in your set-up, so will be well versed to answer your questions in the future. This is much easier for you than a national service provider who has a salesperson who collects the data, a data entry team, a new processing team, and then a phone bank for questions. You get questions answered quickly, and changes made to your satisfaction.

Can anyone from my company contact Pink Payroll?

Only an authorized payroll designee can call in payroll or request reports. That protects your privacy and funds. We keep a list of authorized persons, to protect you and your business. Because we have a small group assigned to your company, we will recognize you and the screening process is much easier than calling a large company with an anonymous operator phone bank. Now that is refreshing!

What methods are available for getting my payroll information to Pink Payroll?

You may go online, email, fax or call us.

How does the payroll process work?

We will agree on your payroll deadlines and hours processing and approval cycles. Based on that we will set up a calendar. You will provide us the payroll hours by a specific date. If we don't receive a payroll, we contact you. With Pink Payroll, you will never miss a payroll deadline.

When can I expect delivery of my payroll?

We set a schedule with you for direct deposit of paychecks, printed paychecks and mailed checks. We encourage you to use direct deposit, where possible, to limit the resources (gas, paper, labor) associated with printed checks and courier delivery. This doesn't work for every business – like restaurants – so please call our San Diego, California, Payroll Service office for your customized solution. We have solutions to deliver your payroll in all 50 states.

Can I get an export for my General Ledger?

Yes, we provide customized G/L exports, primarily for QuickBooks®. This eliminates the need for data entry into your check register.

How are my payroll tax payments and filing requirements handled?

Most clients use our tax management services. We withdraw the full taxes for each payroll on the payroll date. We pay the tax agencies for you by the due date. We handle written inquiries from the IRS and State regarding your account, as we will get copies of the notices you receive. We file all federal and state monthly, quarterly and annual forms with the government agencies.



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