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Supporting your Current Plan through Payroll Services:

The Pink Payroll platform can support benefits, deductions and payments for your current 401K provider. We can manage all of the deductions, matching, minimums, maximums and more that your plan requires. We can pay your investment provider electronically and provide electronic reporting as well.

Our specialized staff is always available to support you and your 401K team with the payroll reports they need to audit and manage your plan to your best profit and tax advantage.

Additional 401K Offerings:

Should you need a 401K solution, at Pink Payroll, we offer simple, flexible, and affordable 401(k) plans for small businesses. Our flexible solutions satisfy the smallest businesses up to those with several hundred employees. You have the choice to choose from one of our nationally recognized partners or sponsors to make the choice for your business that reflects the best cost and tax advantage.

Our Options Include

  • A simple web based 401K plan for smaller businesses
  • Managed 401K including full design services, multiple investment platforms

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