Case Studies

Medical Review Services, Inc.

Type: Service Business

Employees: Over 100

Location(s): Each employee is in a separate location

Company Location: San Diego, CA 92101

Services provided:

Payroll hours calculations

Check Stuffing

Signature printing

Individual Mailing

Direct Deposit

We customize our services to assist Medical Review Services. We provide customized payroll services by adding up the payroll hours, checking totals for accuracies, insuring the maximum payroll is within guidelines, and printing, stuffing and mailing individual payroll checks. Our efficiency has freed up the Med Review staff to operate the business, rather than complete a clerical task on deadline every payroll.

Owner comments: "Thanks for your outstanding service. You guys at Pink Payroll are great!"


Modern Décor, Inc.

Type of Business: Internet Retail

Employees: 12

Location(s): One

Company Location: San Diego, CA 92121

Services provided:

On-Line Payroll Entry & Reporting

On-Line Time Clock

Worker's Compensation Pay-as-you-Go

Self Print Checks & Direct Deposit

Email Electronic Reports

HR On-Line: Human Resources On-Line Resources

The owner's are often traveling to far-away places to buy merchandise for their internet store. They knew that when they traveled a few employees showed up late, but co-workers were not reporting. They wanted to avoid the high cost of incorrect employee clock-ins and excessive hours reporting, as well as to insure employees showed up at the office for each shift. To do that we provided individual swipe cards for each employee to use at the time clock. A internet video camera helped prevent "buddy-punching", and could be reviewed from an internet browser anywhere in the world.

Owner comments: "We saved $2,300 per month, which is $27,600 per year with reduced labor costs with the Pink Payroll time clock. We also had a staff that now shows up on time."

San Diego Payroll Service Clients:

Our San Diego Payroll Services clients include:

Professional Service Firms




IT Companies

Internet Businesses

Engineering Firms


Dry Cleaners

Health Clubs

Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Brokers

And hundreds more business types . . .



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