Our Green Solutions make it resource and time effective for you and your business. You have instant access to payroll reports through the reports emailed or electronically provided to you, your on-line payroll access or requesting duplicates from our easy-access server.

  • Reduce use of paper and fuel
  • Instant paycheck funds availability
  • Convenient electronic data storage
  • Easy and quick retrieval of reports
  • Employees can access their own payroll history and reports
  • Quick reports for Workers Comp audits

Here are some advantage other clients like about our Go Green! Solutions:

  1. Information is more easily retrievable when you need it. Simply open the data folder on our server or your computer, and find the date of the report needed.
  2. Email requested reports to your CPA, Bookkeeper or Insurance agents when requested. No more searching through unfiled payroll folders, binders or calling your large service bureau and getting put on hold.
  3. Also, you may designate your CPA or insurance agent as authorized to contact us directly for these reports.
  4. Reduce the paper waste with printed reports
  5. Reduce fuel and resources used to deliver Fed Ex® and USPS® packages of payroll reports to your office.

How it works:

  1. Input your Payroll On-Line
  2. Request email delivery of your reports
  3. Save the reports in a separate folder on your computer or server, titled: PAYROLL REPORTS 2009
  4. You may drag and drop Outlook emails to this folder, or right click and "Save-As" to save the documents(s).

Look for theGreen Solutions! tag on our website to show you how to use these services!


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